the story

I got you under my Kin…

From kintucky to kinecticut,
Kinky kinglet kindly rules,
Makin' KINs that're most kinetic, but,
Please, admint they're kinda kool!

So here is the deal. What makes people write software and distribute it for free? Vanity, you said? Well, maybe.. But after all, what is this business all about? Is it all about money? Ask anyone — it's not. Most people I know in the industry will tell you that. Their idea is just leave me alone and let me do what I love to do.

I remember, the same thing was in software business, 10 years ago. That's when we at Klever got so addicted to it. This was a time when a company of two poor guys in jeans could do miracles (Well, they still do — but who cares?).

When writing software was closer to art and magic than to business and/or just coding. I miss that now. What happened after that? Well, tons of fast graduates appeared who could only do Basic or Clipper/DBase programming, who pretended to be the best. They could wear suits and had money and relatives… I called them nephews. How many times were you in the situation when you gave the best offer, and you simply feel you HAD to write this software — but in the end your client says something like: I'm really sorry, but I just got a call from my wife and her nephew works for this company in Nebraska who are certified Basic engineers so we'll have to give the contract to them? The nephews produced terrible software which led to terrible disappointments in the industry (I've invested so much money in computers and it's not really working for me).

So for the last 3 years I feel that we have a chance again — when again you don't have to be cool to be my girl — you don't have to be someone's nephew (as you probably know that the word nepotism comes from latin nepos for nephew). We just can not miss this chance again. The Net gives you a chance to be first creative and then think about business. Let's use it now — before nephews will get their certified degrees…

This (or something like this — maybe it was just 3:30am and it was raining for three days in L.A.… or maybe it was snowing in Moscow — who knows?) is what came into our minds when we started our KIN project.

Aren't you interested to see what will come out of it? Well, I am…

November 1996
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