Having bought an Eye-Fi media card I found myself in need of more than Eye-Fi manager running on the notebook. It makes much more sense to have it running on the server, which is always up. And which is, of course, running linux. Which is, of course, unsupported.

That’s why. I haven’t explored all the details of the api, which isn’t open, so, basically, what it does is just allow direct uploads from the ‘Home edition’ card. And to postprocess it with whatever you can come up with.

Since initially publishing this software I’ve bought a couple of other Eye-Fi memory cards, namely Eye-Fi Pro and Eye-Fi Geo X2 and when upgrading the Mac OS X software happened to figure out and fix the bug in stock Eye-Fi center. For what I’ve been generously rewarded by Eye-Fi folks — they sent me “a small gift”, which turned out to be a Eye-Fi Pro X2 card.

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