site-C-ing (pronounced ‘sightseeing') is a web development environment akin to HTML::Mason, but it does to c++ what HTML::Mason does to Perl. I used to use HTML::Mason at some point, but one day I decided that c++ would be more native environment for me and, besides, that would save me some 50M of RAM on the server.

site-C-ing is still at the early stage of development or even proof of concept, but works well enough to get this site running.

Briefly, site-C-ing takes your html with some special tags, preprocesses it, feeds to the c++ compiler (possibly on the fly, but you don’t want to do it on the fly on your production server) and then serves it to the user using the .so shared objects the compiler produces. That’s it.

Now let me get to the point where I explain why you don’t want to use site-C-ing:

So, to sum it all up: no, you don’t want to change to site-C-ing and the only answer to your question why am I doing it is: for the sake of beauty.

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