klever & money: a love-hate relationship

My friend is very poor. Not only is he poor, but he looks poor. So one day he was sitting by a church, and someone gave him money. So he took it, went into the church and put it in the box. His whole feeling was that this guy was sincere, so why offend him by saying: I don’t need your money?

I think poverty is one of the best things in the world. I am not talking about hunger of course. But can any material pleasure be compared to the one experienced when you find those five bucks in an old shirt? In short, when we at Klever had a lot of money, it felt weird. It feels like going to the bathroom and forgetting to wash your hands afterwards.

But there is something about donation that’s wrong, don’t you agree? It makes you feel superior to someone else. Sometimes donation looks to me like flowers. Like a perfect last minute present — no labor, no heart, no feelings, no thinking.

So that’s why we’ve decided to let people pay for our software. If they want to. It is still a freeware. You don’t get any perks from sending us money. It is just our way to not let you feel inferiour to us. Because we get a lot of feedback from people who are willing to pay. And our whole feeling is: this guy is sincere, so why offend him by saying: I don’t need your money?

We are not a church, God forbid. Our cause is much more desperate and mundane. But if you just don’t like to feel obligated, please feel free to use PayPal to send us € 5.12 (or any power of 2 cents, for that matter), by clicking one of the buttons below.

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or any other amount of your choice

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