Once upon a time, when I decided to rework this site, I’ve built a site-C-ing web development engine, since I could come up with no single reason why suffer any of the languages that are commonly used for web development, instead of doing it in comfort of c++…

That was a good idea and site-C-ing served me for good many years well. Though at some point I dismissed it, finding that it too closely imitates other web scripting languages, built with speedy development of personal home page “Hello, World!” in mind. As more interesting site gets the more restricting gets the approach.

I’ve replaced it with even simpler template preprocessor, that not only gives me more freedom, but also leaves less for runtime, while doing more at compile-time.

% for(int i=0;i<5;++i) {
   <li>Whoa, it's <% i %>!</li>
% }


 for(int i=0;i<5;++i) {
  CLICHE_STREAM << i << ",";
</%code> etc.</p>

Besides, it is now much more useful for the templates that are not web-related in any way.

P.S. Where is the ‘k’? I have nothing but enigmatic smile to satisfy your curiosity.

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