I am anything but a health freak. The words ‘sleep hygiene’ make me shudder. And, honestly, I don’t care much about sleep cycles and stuff. But ever since my old Timex datalink’s sync stopped working (and it never worked with TFT panels, as far as I know) I felt uneasy about being unable to connect my watch to computer and reluctant to get a new watch, because I haven’t seen anything remotely worth connecting.

And then I came across the Sleeptracker® PRO (I think I’m supposed to note here, that the aforementioned title is a registered trademark of its owner, as if it’s not obvious). It was no surprise that the watch lacked linux support. I have no windows machines around, so I thought I have to do some programming. And so I quickly hacked napkin together.

It is the very early beta and, in fact, the first GUI-enabled program I’ve written since ‘98 or so. I bet it needs some polishing, so any feedback is appreciated.

Here is what it looks like at the moment:

Napkin GUI

I hope, the Innovative Sleep Solutions don’t mind making this software available and, I believe, I haven’t wronged them or any license I agreed with in any way, but, of course, as it normally goes nowadays, I’m well prepared to take everything down at the very sight of the lawyers squad swarming up my way.

I may add now that I am happy to learn from them that they do not mind me releasing this software and quite to the contrary - they also think it’s great to have it available.

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