I am not into buzzwords. I do not normally go crazy about web 2.0, because you never know if people are talking about semantic web, webservice APIs, or sites designed with round corners and gradient backgrounds. You never can tell with bees. What you can tell is that someone is trying to sell something. I am not all excited about social networking. There’s nothing wrong with technologies, but with socium…

Well, there’s nothing wrong with flickr either, I just feel that I need an excuse for talking about overrated service.

All I wanted is convenience. And flickr API does provide what I needed. Still, after a brief search I found out that if I want to get things done in comfort I need to do a bit of development. To make use of the said API.

So, fireflix is a flickr uploader/manager extension for Mozilla Firefox web browser. If you don’t know what flickr is, then you may not necessarily need it, but it’s never too late to find out (keywords are: photo hosting). If you don’t know what firefox is, you haven’t experienced the web. You definitely should try it. I don’t like mindless advocacy, but I do prefer software that actually does the thing and supports what it ought to support.

This extension is at the very early stage of development, but it does what I wanted it to do for me. And, since I had to develop it, it also means that, even though it’s not yet even half-done, it does more than other similar extensions do. So, if you want to try it out, here are some features:

Go to the View/Sidebar menu and select Fireflix to get started.

Screenshot? Okay, if you insist:

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