midillo is a library and set of tools for MIDI files manipulation. At this point it consists of simple diagnostic dump of MIDI file, filter, that strips unwanted events and converter to SMF format 0 files so that the keyboard which is not as capable as computer would understand it.

For example, this is the command that will convert file to SMF0 format, strip events not understood and not used by the keyboard and put the file to the memory card:

  bash-3.00$ midi2f0 midifile.mid \
  > | midifilter -f sysex,meta_unknown,meta_obsolete,meta_texts \
  > > /mnt/card/casio_md/midifile.mid

I’ve developed the thing after I got my casio digital piano and figured I need it to get things work. Actually, I haven’t much use for it — playing MIDI files was not exactly the reason why I bought the piano in the first place, but it was nice addition, anyway.

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