libopkele is a c++ implementation of an OpenID decentralized identity system. It provides OpenID protocol handling, leaving authentication and user interaction to the implementor.

Normally, I do not jump on the emerging technologies, especially in the blogging arena, but this one is truly brilliant. Besides, despite its livejournal origins, the very idea doesn’t have much to do with blogging.

In case you happen to be aware of the so called rest of the world existance, you may be as well aware of the frustrating experience to secure a visa to enter any particular territory and having to ask whatever country you happen to live in for assistance in confirming your identity. As if being yourself is not enough!

The same goes for Internet. It is much more pleasant to prove that you are what you are by being yourself and to carry your very own identity around. Furthermore, you don’t have to force people to submit to your authority for the sole purpose of being recognized (if you want them to, you’re not interested in this system and I am not interested in you either).

The library is semi-documented using doxygen markup. You may wish to make ‘dox’ target to build the documentation.

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