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Here you can download the free and open source code. The source code is covered by the MIT license. Because it is short.

Please note, this is a source code download, not the executable. If you want executable and do not intend to build from sources, i.e. you want something you don't need to compile, but just run, please proceed to the binary downloads page.

In order to build windows software you'll need a MS Visual C++ compiler (I've only used 4.2, so I'm not sure if it works with newer versions with no modifications). To rebuild help files you'll also have to have xsltproc (which comes with libxslt) or any other compatible xslt processor with compatible command line invocation. You don't have to have this tool if you do not make any modifications to help files.

In order to build <% iswin?"OS X":"the" %> software you'll need an xcode.

If you intend to make changes and contribute back, please check out the sources from repository instead, as they may differ from the latest version released.

pumpkin-0.0-osx.tar.bz2 macos source archive 654k
pumpkin-0.0-osx.tar.gz macos source archive 718k
2.7.3 source archive 137k
2.7.2 source archive 139k
2.7.1 source archive 139k
2.7 source archive 138k
2.6 source archive 127k
2.5 source archive 126k
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