system requirements

To build and run this software you may need some dependencies installed on your system. In particular you may need some or all of the software mentioned on this page:

a c++ compiler
It is not uncommon that building c++ code involves c++ compiler. I haven't tested many, but gcc is known to work.
In the nowadays unlikely event of your compiler providing no shared_ptr template support you may need something like boost c++ libraries.
a make tool
The make tool is used heavily in the build process. Actually, it builds.
The pkg-config tool is used to find library dependencies and provide configuration to those who depend on us in case of libraries.
The OpenSSL library provides encryption and message digest functionality.
is used to access remote resources.
is used for pattern matching.
is used to parse xml.
is used to bring broken html to its senses.
gnu autoconf
to build the configure script.
gnu automake
to build the Makefile.
gnu libtool
to build shared libraries.
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